The foresight to see that an 8th grader with learning disabilities, Michael, finds himself excelling in college-level courses covering machine tool tech. His obsession, while working at a hobby shop through schooling, making remote control planes lighter, stronger and more crash resilient would lead him to design and invent the lightest, strongest structural building elements in the world, just before being recruited by Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), being the only one hired in their search for the most creative minds in America after 9/11.

Michael’s carbon fiber hobby shop inventions would help him, despite being Australian, to land roles as a rapid prototyper, machinist and technician at the Dept. of Energy's (DOE) Los Alamos National Lab (LANL).  After 9+ years at LANL, contributing to a plethora of  projects while continuing to test and perfect his hobby shop invention, Michael left LANL to take his invention to the public sector through YXO Inc. (f.k.a. Brockwell Structures)

[actually, muon tomography] technology and infrastructure health monitoring systems).

Who could’ve guessed the DOE rooting for YXO as patents were secured in the US, China, Europe and Japan for YXO’s state-of-the-art carbon composite structural technology and reconfigurable joining and fastening systems, EndoStructures.

With YXO’s potential to disrupt the 4th industrial revolution,  focus is now building a crowd of people who envision a future built atop repurpose-able organic structural materials that best serve people, industry but mainly community.

EndoStructures, make productive, make efficient, make safe.

Michael’s creation of the carbon fiber drift tube at LANL put him on the map for minimal mass subatomic particle trackers, then as a world specialist for Toshiba’s Fukushima reaction plan.  Continuing to consult, develop and help commercialize tech designed to help nuclear disaster cleanup efforts, earthquake-proof nuclear facilities, ensure bridge and building safety and prevent disasters (we’re talking leading edge x-ray

Dr Matthew Lambrinos is a dual qualified European/US patent practitioner with over 14 years patent prosecution experience in high technology and a PhD in Thin Film Physics.

He graduated with a first class honors degree in Electronic Engineering before obtaining his doctorate from the University of Salford, UK in association with Grand Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France. His research experience includes development of advanced instrument clusters at Ford Motor Company and thin film III-V semiconductor & insulator fabrication at the Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique (CNRS) in France.

Dr Lambrinos obtained a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law from the University of London, UK, and entered the IP profession in 1997. He joined Baron & Warren, a long established firm of Patent & Trademark Attorneys based in London, where he qualified and worked as a European Patent Attorney and an Associate Member of the UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. In addition to preparation and prosecution of patent applications, he has experience in defending against European Patent Opposition and Appeals and assisting UK Counsel in post grant proceedings before the High Court of England & Wales.

Dr Lambrinos began consulting for US patent law firms in 2004 and, upon passing the US Patent Bar, established FAI, his own international patent practice with offices in London, Silicon Valley and Santa Fe. He currently prosecutes patent applications for multinational corporations, universities, national research institutes, and individual inventors. He also provides expert opinion support to patent litigation attorneys.

His memberships include the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI), American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and Licensing Executive Society (LES). Dr Lambrinos regularly attends meetings keeping abreast of recent patent law and practice. He has a working knowledge of French and Italian.

Specialties: US, European and International patent prosecution in high technology, world wide patent portfolio management, expert witness opinions

Patent Technical Fields: Business Methods, Computer Programs, Computer Hardware & Networks, Electrical Circuits and Devices, Materials, Mechanical Apparatus, Nuclear Physics, Applied Optics, Semiconductors, Sensors and Wireless Technology.

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