Minimal Mass Subatomic Particle Trackers

Next-Generation Subatomic Particle Trackers

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The development of aluminum subatomic particle trackers at Los Alamos National Labs received an R&D 100 award in 2013, and an article was published on the topic in Popular Science.

Carbon Fiber Tracking Tube

The use of carbon fiber drift tubes decreases the mass of the detectors, which increases the resolution of the image scans.

The passive, unintrusive detection of subatomic particles is important for the defense industry and the clean-up of disasters such as the one that occured at the Fukushima Daiici Nuclear Powerplant.

This newest generation of passive subatomic particle trackers utilizes carbon fiber drift tubes to decrease particle interactions. This leads to higher resolution tracking of particles, which produces higher-quality images.

At YXO Inc., we are involved in the development and production of the most advanced subatomic particle trackers in the world.

  • Applications

    • bumpers
    • mechanic-less suspension / leaf springs
    • crumple zones
    • UAV landing gear
    • Energy-absorbing seats
    • Impact-tolerant service carts
    • Structural support for solar panels on satellites
    • Internal ribbing for airship bladders
    • Modular equipment mounts
    Sporting Goods
    • bicycle frames
    • golf club shafts
    • lacrosse shafts
    Other Applications
    • Prosthetic Limbs and limb support
    • Measurement structures for wind turbines
    • Boat hull re-enforcement
    • Lightweight CNC machine framing

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