YXO Structures possess an ideal mixture of performance characteristics of carbon fiber structures and of metal structures.


YXO Structures possess the high performance characteristics of carbon fiber and the safety characteristics of metals. Specifically, they possess:

  1. strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber
  2. high fatigue resilience of carbon fiber
  3. lack of a Yield Point and Plastic Region of metal, similar to carbon fiber
  4. lack of the “brittle” characteristics of carbon fiber
  5. lack of the “catastrophic failure” characteristics of carbon fiber, and
  6. high energy-absorption characteristics of metals

As a result, we are able to engineer solutions with YXO Structures as if they are metals without a Yield Point or Plastic Region, allowing for a much more efficient use of the material’s full range of strength.

carbon fiber tube VS. YXO Structures VS. aluminum alloy tubes


  • Designed to withstand both compression and tension
  • Tailored load distribution
  • Optimized cost and desired performance requirement
  • Connects to dissimilar materials: frames and panels
  • In situ repair
  • Applications

    • bumpers
    • mechanic-less suspension / leaf springs
    • crumple zones
    • UAV landing gear
    • Energy-absorbing seats
    • Impact-tolerant service carts
    • Structural support for solar panels on satellites
    • Internal ribbing for airship bladders
    • Modular equipment mounts
    Sporting Goods
    • bicycle frames
    • golf club shafts
    • lacrosse shafts
    Other Applications
    • Prosthetic Limbs and limb support
    • Measurement structures for wind turbines
    • Boat hull re-enforcement
    • Lightweight CNC machine framing

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