The Technology

YXO Structures was developed, in part, at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), with origins in lightweight satellite design. The high strength-to-weight ratio, the capacity to handle load and to sustain stress non-catastrophically allows YXO Structures to enter structural frame markets previously dominated by metals. The structure’s ability to absorb energy makes it an ideal choice in applications in which safety is the primary concern, such as in personal mobility devices.  When applying a YXO Structure frame to the automotive and aerospace industry, the weight reduction results in significant fuel/energy savings and lowers the operational cost.

YXO Structures are complete with joints and fasteners to suit every budget, can connect to dissimilar materials, panels, and frames.

With a protective coating, the composites are protected from environmental damage: UV, RF, moisture etc.

  • Applications

    • bumpers
    • mechanic-less suspension / leaf springs
    • crumple zones
    • UAV landing gear
    • Energy-absorbing seats
    • Impact-tolerant service carts
    • Structural support for solar panels on satellites
    • Internal ribbing for airship bladders
    • Modular equipment mounts
    Sporting Goods
    • bicycle frames
    • golf club shafts
    • lacrosse shafts
    Other Applications
    • Prosthetic Limbs and limb support
    • Measurement structures for wind turbines
    • Boat hull re-enforcement
    • Lightweight CNC machine framing

  • Licensing Opportunities

    Contact us to discuss how YXO's technology can help you design your next generation, lightweight product with improved performance and safety.