About Us

YXO Inc’s mission is to make the world more efficient by expanding the use of carbon fiber structures into markets not currently penetrated by conventional composite structures.

Michael Brockwell, President, CEO/CTO

mbrockwellImage3Michael Brockwell, inventor of YXO Structures, is a former employee of Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) and is a highly distinguished rapid prototyper. His recent accomplishments include playing key roles on an R&D 100 2013 award-winning project , and assisting with the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Reaction Plan.

Michael is passionate about the potential YXO Structures have in making the world a more efficient, safer place to live.

Dr. Matthew Lambrinos, Vice President, CIPO-


Dr. Matthew Lambrinos, YXO’s Vice President and Chief IP Officer, is an entrepreneur and international patent prosecutor that has assisted multiple companies using LANL technology. 

Matthew has played a key role in shaping YXO’s strategy and in protecting its intellectual property. Under his guidance, YXO was granted its first US patent.

  • Applications

    • bumpers
    • mechanic-less suspension / leaf springs
    • crumple zones
    • UAV landing gear
    • Energy-absorbing seats
    • Impact-tolerant service carts
    • Structural support for solar panels on satellites
    • Internal ribbing for airship bladders
    • Modular equipment mounts
    Sporting Goods
    • bicycle frames
    • golf club shafts
    • lacrosse shafts
    Other Applications
    • Prosthetic Limbs and limb support
    • Measurement structures for wind turbines
    • Boat hull re-enforcement
    • Lightweight CNC machine framing

  • Licensing Opportunities

    Contact us to discuss how YXO's technology can help you design your next generation, lightweight product with improved performance and safety.