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YXO offers a proprietary engineered composite structure. It is named after the unique shapes the skeleton of the beam can take, either in the shape of a “Y”, and “X” or in the case of many more radial plates, an “O”. Kevlar strands are then woven around the skeletons to make the structure more rigid. With this unique architecture, YXO Structures possesses the superior strength-to-mass ratio of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and the energy-absorbing strength similar to metals. This technology offers a structural framing solution for a variety of industries.
There is an urgent need for lighter and stronger structural materials in the automotive, aerospace, and infrastructure industries.  For example, the Department of Energy has called for a cost-effective 50% weight reduction in passenger-vehicles by 2015.  Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is an ideal lightweight structural material.  However, CFRP’s  brittle nature and high manufacturing cost have limited its applications.
YXO Structures are a composite structure innovation that offers the superior strength-to-mass ratio of carbon fiber, ductility similar to metals, as well as impact energy-absorption.  They consists of three key components: a structural skeleton, a tensioned external weave and an embedded core.  The optimization of these three components provides a superior combination of performance properties, and can be produced at a manufacturing cost below that of carbon fiber tubes.
  • Applications

    • bumpers
    • mechanic-less suspension / leaf springs
    • crumple zones
    • UAV landing gear
    • Energy-absorbing seats
    • Impact-tolerant service carts
    • Structural support for solar panels on satellites
    • Internal ribbing for airship bladders
    • Modular equipment mounts
    Sporting Goods
    • bicycle frames
    • golf club shafts
    • lacrosse shafts
    Other Applications
    • Prosthetic Limbs and limb support
    • Measurement structures for wind turbines
    • Boat hull re-enforcement
    • Lightweight CNC machine framing

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